Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I should write my letters to freddie again, now I am back into a routine it might become easier, the reality of the end of this road is quite clear now, one month. its so exciting and terrifying I am happy now. (also my rediscovery of bauhaus has been a god send) soonest it will be my holiday to escape to france, i think i might do paris near christmas, i would prefer berlin. ahh i cannot wait to travel, just a little worried about the 15kg baggage limit..... whats a girl to do?


  1. A cyber letter:

    Dear beautiful Daisy, I vote you do some outfitty fashiony postings.
    lots and lots of love and SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER x

  2. hahahaha i will i wwillll i promise, it will be JUST for you!!
    ohhh i cannot wait for september the ENTIRE week we will be and we will both be in london too so one night you can stay at mine and the next yours and the next guys and the next millies and then hassan + nadia's hotel floor!

    lots and lots and lots of love