Thursday, 19 July 2012

IOW - the festival of luck

Last month I was fortunate enough to scoop a Backstage Guest pass for the Isle of Wight festival which is particularly one of my favourites. Partly because (reading fest i'm looking at you) it doesn't have thousands of stupid drunk pre-teens exercising their idea of 'rebellion' and setting fire to tents and lying infront of ambulances and otherwise just being a nuisance.

Now you all probably saw in the news The Mud. I can't even find the right word for that sheer abundance, it was like the grass had just hidden away in fear of thousands of punters. Fortunately one group broke down on the way to the island, so instead of being trapped in that 13 hour queue to the festival we were sipping back a bar load of spirits and beers at a friendly local pub on the island. By the time the others arrived, sodden and dampened spirited, we perked them all up with a cheeky curry and drunken merriness. Another stroke of luck meant one of the group has a rather snazzy house on the island so we slept there for the night, all 9 of us in a tetris fashion accross the kitchen and lounge floor.

The next day the luck god was smiling down for a brief moment, whereby instead of queueing in that mile long queue to grab the festival bus, after some chats with a friendly staff bus man, he cut the queue in half and led us first on a bus. This meant the back seat was ours and boy was it comfortable to rest the rucksack on. A nap away we arrived at the Mudfest. Upon hearing we were getting backstage guest passes we had a little squeal before the mission of finding the guest camping. Now I am not sure if everyone was playing around with us but upon asking directions we'd meet a chorus of "oh no there has never been guest camping" "no such thing" "hahahah what? guest camping? never heard of it" WELL festival security I have you know there WAS guest camping and it was a back breaking ordeal to get to, considering all 9 of us had rucksacks that were triple our own weight at least. The treat of guest camping meant there was actually grass and a charming view of the lake. We were on a hill but waking up at the bottom of the tent was totally worth it just for the grass It also meant that we were technically camping within the arena so we could be super sneaky with cans (not that I condone sneaking cans in - but your prices are too much).

My music highlights would have to include watching the charming lucy morris performing not only once in the champagne room but TWICE with her hipshaking the hipshaker lounge. Biffy Clyro absolutely stormed thier set as always and knocked out the big hits of Golden Rule, Bubbles etc, I think I spent their whole set wondering if Simon would marry me that evening. Crystal Castles were one of my favourites, so much so even in the piss poor weather I danced around in a crop top, which was a brilliant follow up to watching Enter Shikari in the Big Top.

I have to conclude with the BOSS, who absolutely blew my mind. I was in the process of sneaking a can into a festival cup when I could hear the opening chords to Badlands and I legged it over to secure perhaps the best view, right at the front of the VIP bar. I will take this moment to express my absolute anger at IOW VIP bar for screening the England game, yes it was 'important' to some people but surely they could have watched it in the Sky tent or just not at all, I don't see how a festival should screen every single other headliner within the VIP bar but their closing headliner? nahh the football was on instead. Anyway it kinda worked out for the best as I got to get a sweet view of Brucey Boy, I was, although, on my own for the majority of his set which was fine by me but at one point of lucidity I was fist pumping the air like an all-american boy and suddenly realised what I was doing, all on my own, and replaced the dancing hand with my beer. Bruce pointed at us at one point 'what the **** are you guys doing in their? all kettled in?' he was obviously pointing at me. Obviously. Wrecking Ball almost had me in tears then did Atlantic City, it was an absolute dream to see such a performance. He was flanked by the E Street Band and my god the sound was just intense, at this point Bruce made a slight reference to the recently passed Clarence Clemons, which made me feel really bad for the new saxophonist. It was such a treat to see Steve Van Zandt, does he have hair underneath that bandana?

Overall it was perhaps one of the most special festivals I have been to in years, we saw a couple of famous faces here and there but it was just so great to be with such a great bunch of people and such amazing music. I also got papped for the Storm Models Blog which was hilarious as I was blind drunk (it WAS 4pm) and it was super windy and I have awkward beer arm.

All photos (bar the last) courtesy of Annie Lambert - BABE

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Today I went to Camden with the boy and my mum which was super fun. I had some Chinese from food alley and then bought 2 pairs of sunglasses and bought these amazing dungarees with lifesaver patches on them. I also bought some cut off black Levi shorts and all SO cheap! I struggled finding a beanie hat though - it's so cold!

We went to ping pong in southbank for tea (the fluffy buns are heavenly!) and I had this amazing flowering jasmine tea, so amazing I bought a box of them!! It's like an aquarium in my cup!!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer Skin

New news newsy new things and treats. I've been a little traveller and been hanging out in ghetto places like Plan B in brixton but I was super drunk and embarrassing and constantly flipped between skanking and bawling my eyes out, then back to skanking and then crying (thankfully not at the same time, that'd be a treat...) but Toby arrived all sodden (and no not from my crazy emotional outbursts but from the torrential rain that is June).

I also have pink and purple dip dye, which my sister says I look like 'a my little pony', it's super fun/cute - but also not as super/fun/cute as my BESTIE anj's blog which is developping to be the best guide for student eats south (and sometimes..if you're lucky, north) of the river in big london. What a handy chick!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Wowey what a lovely february we are having! I admit that I have spent most of it so far indoors tidying my room but it sure does look better, I also have some very pretty daffs that have just opened to say hello so Im one happy lady.

Looks like Im off to Paris, Bologna and then Rimini over easter which will be fantastic. Off to the Sorbonne to stay and hang out with all the cool students and then to italy with the boy to escape - what adventures are yet to come!

Below are some amazing photos taken by Rob Davies in Perpignan last year just when I returned to being a blondie and the photos of the 5 hour game of Risk are some of my most favourite photos ever, well done Rob!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I actually totally forgot about this blog, so HELLO!! wow it has been a long time since i posted anything, let alone anything worthwhile!! Well as a brief catch up I now live in a green house that I call Ma Maison Kitsune, partly because i LOVE the label and secondly because it just sounds so bloody cool. Anyway its a nice place and a happy one, I also have new lovely faces and sadly some faces that have fallen into the mist but im sure they'll appear soon enough. There's a time and place for everything eh!!!

This lovely face is making the most appearance and boy is he a welcome one! He has an amazing band which are so fresh and new and so well a listen! They are made up of 2 ex-members of Lulla Violet and this little face is from Disconcerts and together they make b e a u tiful music.
The new EP Jersey Turnpike Demos has just been released today so catch it while its hot!

Everything else seems to have been going very well, apart from the odd self spook its all settling. Italy is booked for easter and some infrared colour film is coming our way so they are going to be some super pics, I have 3 rolls of other film to get developped. I'm going to try and coax an art student to do it for me by paying them with bacon (they are all 'parttime vegetarians' but we know what that means!!!)