Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I actually totally forgot about this blog, so HELLO!! wow it has been a long time since i posted anything, let alone anything worthwhile!! Well as a brief catch up I now live in a green house that I call Ma Maison Kitsune, partly because i LOVE the label and secondly because it just sounds so bloody cool. Anyway its a nice place and a happy one, I also have new lovely faces and sadly some faces that have fallen into the mist but im sure they'll appear soon enough. There's a time and place for everything eh!!!

This lovely face is making the most appearance and boy is he a welcome one! He has an amazing band which are so fresh and new and so well a listen! They are made up of 2 ex-members of Lulla Violet and this little face is from Disconcerts and together they make b e a u tiful music.
The new EP Jersey Turnpike Demos has just been released today so catch it while its hot!

Everything else seems to have been going very well, apart from the odd self spook its all settling. Italy is booked for easter and some infrared colour film is coming our way so they are going to be some super pics, I have 3 rolls of other film to get developped. I'm going to try and coax an art student to do it for me by paying them with bacon (they are all 'parttime vegetarians' but we know what that means!!!)

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