Sunday, 26 February 2012


Wowey what a lovely february we are having! I admit that I have spent most of it so far indoors tidying my room but it sure does look better, I also have some very pretty daffs that have just opened to say hello so Im one happy lady.

Looks like Im off to Paris, Bologna and then Rimini over easter which will be fantastic. Off to the Sorbonne to stay and hang out with all the cool students and then to italy with the boy to escape - what adventures are yet to come!

Below are some amazing photos taken by Rob Davies in Perpignan last year just when I returned to being a blondie and the photos of the 5 hour game of Risk are some of my most favourite photos ever, well done Rob!


  1. aw such cute photos! at first when i wasn't looking properly i thought you guys were having a seance, hahaa x

  2. Lovely blog :) I adore the skirt in the last photo :)

  3. oh thank you two! I really appreciate your messages! x