Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer Skin

New news newsy new things and treats. I've been a little traveller and been hanging out in ghetto places like Plan B in brixton but I was super drunk and embarrassing and constantly flipped between skanking and bawling my eyes out, then back to skanking and then crying (thankfully not at the same time, that'd be a treat...) but Toby arrived all sodden (and no not from my crazy emotional outbursts but from the torrential rain that is June).

I also have pink and purple dip dye, which my sister says I look like 'a my little pony', it's super fun/cute - but also not as super/fun/cute as my BESTIE anj's blog which is developping to be the best guide for student eats south (and sometimes..if you're lucky, north) of the river in big london. What a handy chick!!!

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