Friday, 6 August 2010

there's still blood in your hair

So it was recently my birthday.

I was bestowed a Prada Handbag.

Still speechless.

I feel like a doctor carrying it, i love it. Im so so excited about Autumn's look, im going to charity shops tomorrow to find some clothes to channel the 50's look. Hoping to find a ribbed v-neck top, cashmere cardigan, perhaps if Im lucky a circle skirt and a crocodile print handbag...perhaps im pushing it a bit, windsor charity shops are notorious for gem findings, imagine wealthy debonair elderly ladies, their castoffs....

Q. now what on earth do I wear to the opening night of Faris' art exhibition 'drawing a straight number nine' ? ANY IDEAS?


  1. Your blogs are so classy my flower. :) I'll come Windsor Charity shopping with you any day!

  2. Prada and doctorsbag-ish. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?